The Sakhikamva Foundation

Skyhawk Aviation has formed a working relationship with the Sakhikamva Foundation.  This means ‘building a future’ in Xhosa, and is specifically aimed at getting the school-going youth interested in mathematics and science through aviation.

To support this, we have established a STREAM Laboratory in our hangar.  This stands for Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Aerospace and Mathematics.  Regular groups of learners attend our facility to participate in the various programs and course we have available.

This is a significant effort to break down the barriers that exist between the average learner and access to the airside part of a large international airport.  The learners can get to sit in the cockpit of a commercial airliner, as well as observe the happenings of our busy flight training environment.

The passing parade of aircraft types, from Boeings to Beechcraft, provide a spectacular, up-front and personal experience of our busy airport environment.  Learners who have only seen airliners as a distant spec in the sky, can now pose for a selfie right in front of one!